We continuously feel the urge to improve what we do. Our CSR policy and sustainable entrepreneurship goes hand in hand with social and financial benefits. State of Football is -and can be an even bigger- game changer !

Target highlights

Good employership should lead to higher productivity and lower absenteeism due to illness among employees.

By aiming for sustainable solutions we strengthen our drive to innovate in areas such as mobility, knowledge, and sustainable product development.

Youth is the future !

We take in and train at least one trainee in our company every year.

Cost reduction by reducing/separating waste flows and by conserving energy and resources.

So far, so …

In 2021 we had a absenteeism rate of just above 1%

Instead of sampling a complete collection we develop tools to tickle our customers imagination by showing them a smashing 3D presentation to give them an image very close to reality.

Messi wore our Ici C’est Paris shirt during his arrival at Paris for his transfer to PSG.


Good results begin with respect for the people we work with


This planet is our homefield and we have to protect it