We are aware of the high environmental impact of the garment industry. However, there are solutions and alternatives to mitigate these problems. We are dedicated to create awareness and a willingness to chance. Small steps in order to make a significant change.

Target highlights

By 2023, we want to purchase 100% of our cotton according to the sustainability standards.

Replace 90% of the plastic products by recycled plastic and/or biodegradable material.

Make at least 75% of our commuting kilometers carbon neutral by 2023.

So far, so …

Our average carbon emissions per KG show a 25% decrease in 2021 compared to 2020, while our business kept growing.

State of Football is a proud member of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI).

BCI is the world’s largest sustainable program committed to reducing the impact of the cotton industry on the environment.

We offer an attractive (e-)cycling plan for all State of Football employees, so our team can come to the office in a healthy, sustainable way.

No longer packing per piece (in polybag) is used for 80% of our accessories.

State of Football is proud member of Better Cotton


State of Football is commited to sourcing 100% of our cotton as ‘more sustainable cotton’ by 2023. ‘More sustainable cotton’ includes cotton sourced as Better Cotton, recycled, Fairtrade and organic cotton.

Better Cotton is not physically traceable to end products. However, Better Cotton Farmers benefit the demand for Better Cotton in equivalent volumes to those we source.

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Good results begin with respect for the people we work with


We strive to become a star player in the world of football merchandise