We translate emerging trends into fan engagement.  With our unique concept, we are your one stop shop for custom made design, production and distribution of merchandise collections. Local teams or international Champions League clubs, we serve them with the same passion. It’s all about the game!
We love to do this TOGETHER with our customers, suppliers and partners. Just like a football team, no one is replaceable in order to aim for the ultimate result.

These values are our moral compass for what we stand for and represent how we want to do business

“As a company, we are part of society and therefore have a social responsibility”

Corporate Social Responsibility has been in our DNA for years. Throughout our 20-years history, our business has proven to be loyal, just and innovative. An achievement we are proud of! It is no surprise that these qualities are reflected in our State of Football key values.

We see CSR as an integral vision within our company and our policy is anchored in all processes; with every business decision a balance will be seeked between people, planet and profit.


Good results begin with respect for the people we work with


This planet is our homefield and we have to protect it


We strive to become a star player in the world of football merchandise